Last Saturday, NTD Television Facebook channel had a live broadcast of Legends Unfolding’s documentary: Ride, Ride, Ride to Freedom! Over 200K audience watched the program, and left quite some heartwarming comments. Our whole team is excited!

Below are some comments we saw:

Margie SmithThe youth of today is the future of tomorrow. Be wise, careful, courageous, strong and love mankind. These things can change the world’s attitudes towards each other.

Betty WilkersonWe hear you even if your leaders do not. Hope change is coming for you for your generation and future.

Mary KittelsonThese young adults are amazing, speaking the truth, knowing the truth, and trying to share it with adults who don’t want to see or hear the truth!

Lydia MillerI am so proud of all of you. You are STRONG! You are BRAVE! You are DETERMINED! Be proud that you are standing for something very important. Meditation is wonderful. I believe it could heal the world.

Rodriguez Maria DanielaI support Falun Dafa. Why take away this spirituality practice. Not rite. How wrong.

Sherry AppelPersecution of a religious group in china their being kidnapped and hearts harvested for money

Susan RichHave a blessed n awesome time may God keep u biking for your cause n may more people keep blessing u with what u all need as u make your way across America n may it stop the persecution in your home lands

Gail RussellFlorida says “Carry On” sending good thoughts!!

Todd Conrad EngstromAnytime a government tries to take away and individuals way of thinking, it only makes an individual think harder about it.
Why would anyone in power do that to an entire civilization?
God has given us all of mind to think, no government can suppress that other than killing you!


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(You may watch Ride, Ride, Ride to Freedom! here.)

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